Dog projects

Look at this photo. That’s me and Nicodemus. As you can see, I’m a happy toothless 7-year-old boy wearing yellow sweatpants, a dark blue plaid shirt and the coolest jacket ever (Thanks for the hipster combination, mom). But that smile doesn’t come from those stunning clothes. It comes from this little black-and-white buddy. Don’t ask me why, but for some reason, I’ve always liked dogs and they’ve always liked me. My childhood is full of dog memories. Probably because I have real dog lovers in my family. Like my aunt Sandra. She’s the founder of MaxMello, an animal shelter that takes care of 400 pets in Ibiúna, a small city in São Paulo countryside. I grew up seeing her deep devotion, and now dogs are more than friends to me. They are my cause. So here you’ll see some projects I’ve been doing with good people that also fight for them. If you wanna know more about MaxMello Animal Shelter, visit or get in touch with me to schedule a real visit. I guarantee that I don’t use yellow sweatpants anymore. But at the end of the day, you'll see that what makes me happy is still a simple photo with a dog.

PS: Honestly, I don't remember this dogs' real name.
But Nicodemus is pretty cool, isn't it?


Van Gogh
A dog rescued with his ear cut.
A sad story that turned into a beautiful art.


A social media campaign with the artist Rafael Mantesso and his famous bull terrier Jimmy,
challenging food dog brands to feed animals that live in shelters.

I have a dream. That we are all equal, regardless of race. That every homeless friend will find a home. That we respect each other more. That all cruelty ends. The first step of this dream is that all dogs have something to eat. Imagine for once that every bag of dog food has 1 kilo less, to help save many more lives. Tell me you wouldn't leave some food on the table to help solve the hunger of many? I have this dream. But in order to make this dream real it can't be just mine. It has to be yours and also from a dog food brand that embraces the idea. To do that let's repost this image with the tag #AllForMinus1


Have you ever thought about how many dogs we could feed if everybody share a kilo of pet food? That’s Jimmy’s dream: Minus1. A project to create a dog food pack that comes with 1kg less than you pay for and donate that to other dogs in need. However, to make that dream come true Jimmy needs help. Which dog food brand will embrace the cause with him? That's not only our dream. Its from every single person who want to make it real. Share the idea. It doesn’t change anything for those why sell or buy the food. But for those in hungry, changes everything.


Snoppy and Charlie Brown also embraced Jimmy's dream. Now we just need a dog food brand to embrace the "minus1". a dog food bag that comes with 1 kg less, to be donated to the dogs that need less. You can help make this dream real. wouldn't you give up on a little dog food from your friend to finish the hunger of many? So post the picture with your dog with the tag #AllForMinus1 and join us. Thank you Snoopy and Charlie Brown for sharing our cause on Facebook.


And six months later,
Jimmy's dream came true.



She had been abandoned chained and starving.
So how to show her there are still good people in this world?


Luan Santana's video: more than 30 million views and counting...




When President Dilma Roussef was ousted by Brazilian Congress, the vice-president Michel Temer took over the country
and his wife started to be seen as the rising first lady. At the time, one of the most important magazines in Brazil published a profile of Marcela Temer
with a controversial headline: Beautiful, Maidenlike and 'a Housewife'. The response? A whole lot of outrage and a viral social media trend. We caught the opportunity
to subvert the headline in order to promote an adorable adoption campaign with only female dogs. Beautiful, Maidenlike and 'Homeless'.

The original profile.

The original profile.



With more than 20k shares on facebook in only 5 days, the adoption campaign went viral.


And some ladies were adopted. 


Mello was a 16 year-old dog. One of the first that MaxMello Animal Shelter rescued.
How could we honor such a special dog that was living his last days? Doing what he loves the most: a long ride.