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Go Jimmy Go! (Screenwriting)

The  bull terrier Jimmy Choo became a social media sensation because of the
incredible snaps and illustrations made by his owner, the visual artist Rafael Mantesso. 
After the huge success on instagram, his brand new project is Go Jimmy Go,
an animation series on youtube,  in which I was invited to join as screenwriter.
And since the beginning it's been an amazing experience to be part of a project that brings together
two of my greatest passions: dog and screenwriting. Hope you enjoy it.


Episode 1: Moonwalk Walk
Jimmy discovers a new mating method. But does he really know how to use it?


Episode 2: Follow the Sun
The sun shines on everyone. But Jimmy is not everyone.


Episode 3: Jimmy and the Unicorn
Jimmy swears there's a unicorn in the house. Now he needs to prove it.


Episode 4: Not so cute
A fluffy-sweet-cute Jimmy? Not today.


Episode 5: Morgan Freeman's like
Jimmy's got millions of likes on social media everyday. But there's one missing.


Episode 6: Go back, Jimmy
How far would Jimmy go to impress Rafael? Maybe a little too far.


Episode 7: Jimmy's art
Forget about Cubism, Surrealism and Impressionism. Welcome to Jimmysm.


Episode 8: What a Party, Jimmy
When Jimmy calls for attention, he'll get it no matter what.


Episode 9: Kiss Me
Jimmy, chef Alex Atala and a classic Lady’s spaghetti kiss? Well, the recipe is not that easy.


Episode 10: Red Dream
Red is the color of love. In this case, love delusion.


Episode 11: Bravo, Jimmy
Inspired by Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony, Jimmy composes his First Symphony. Accidentally.


Episode 12: Heavy Sleep
Some dogs have sensitive ears. Jimmy has selective ears.


Episode 13: The Truth Detector
Friends don't lie. What about best friends?


Episode 14: Jimmy and The Bug
Jimmy, the merciful bug's exterminator.


Episode 15: Acupuncture
Love hurts.


Episode 16: Christmas Pee
Jimmy pees on a Christmas Tree and generates a global blackout.


Episode 17: The Countdown
Jimmy does what every dog wanted to do on New Year's celebration.


Episode 18: Jimmy Answers Comments
The fans comment, Jimmy replies.


Episode 19: Litte Mister Sunshine
Jimmy attends to a beauty contest. But does he really wanna win?


Episode 20: Untrainable Jimmy
Never underestimate Jimmy's skills.


Episode 21: Beware of the Assholes
Warning: Jimmy does not tolerate animal mistreatment.


Episode 22: Sleepwalk
Hey butchers, close your doors, Jimmy is sleeping.


Episode 23: The Masters Tribute
To masters, with respect.


Episode 24: The End and The Beginning
That's how everything happened.